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26 January 2012 @ 09:43 pm
BACC: Introductions  

What else do you do when your rich father has given you enough money for you to live off of for your entire life? Start your own city of course. Ariette Kendall, daughter of an enormously rich inventor, decided to leave her old life behind and begin her own city, Willow Lake. Once upon a time it was a little known village but the inhabitants had all died from a freak outbreak of cholera.  People in the Big City forgot about this little valley, but Ariette decided to use her inheritance and some unlucky friends to re-establish this little valley into a blooming city.

The Chance couple were happy, but always felt out of place. They were recently wed, but still wanted new adventures in the world. Because of this, they both decided to come with Ariette to Willow Lake and hopefully start a new life for them. Phoenix also wanted to hide Brielle's little magical problem... 

Jayden is normal enough, but Janelle? One of the weirdest people you'll ever meet. Janelle was always the odd one out, and Jayden was sick of having to take her sister in public. She was always tagging along with Jayden and her friends, and she was so embarrassing. A new life in Willow Lake could give them a new start, and Janelle might not be the weird one out there...

Three room-mates fresh out of highschool and into their adult hood, these three best friends decided to take on one of the biggest adventures they could find together. They scrambled together and found the funds so that Archie, Baylor and Knox could head out to Willow Lake. This way they could hide Knox's little night-time problem.

Lucien and his wife Autumn and his brother Jem decided to take the big leap and come out to Willow Lake. Lucien and Jem never got along with their parents, and Autumn had no parents. So why not come make a fresh start where they could forget about their past and create a new future? That's exactly what they did by coming out to Willow Lake. They aren't all as they seem, however, as Autumn has a tendency to not hide her magical powers.

I had a snow day today, so I was finally able to get the finishing touches on this and the next update or two!
Mood: awake
Music: Domino- Jessie J